Vi er karrysutra


Skilled chefs have high ambitions on behalf of the food. Therefore, the chef in  karrysutra makes sure that the food

served, always cooked with love, and only the best ingredients and spices from Indian cuisine are used so that love can be tasted.


Let’s dispel a myth: Curry is not a specific spice, and it is not yellow, just as the moon is not made of green cheese.

The word curry is derived from the Indian word kairaari or kaari, which originally meant vegetables fried with spices and coconut.

Today, curry is used in cooked dishes and is a common term for up to 25 spices and herbs, which are prepared according to a very special procedure:

First, sauté a basic spice mixture in oil – eg pepper, chili, coriander, cardamom and cinnamon.

Next, add a paste of fresh onions, garlic, ginger and tomatoes. Then add coconut milk, cream and almonds or cashews, for example, before the dish can be rounded off with lime, tamarind or yoghurt to highlight the many spice – curry – flavor nuances.


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